Links to other sites

Links to other sites

We are a voluntary group under the umbrella of Diabetes UK, registered Charity Number 215199.  MK Kids with Diabetes was originally part of the local Diabetes UK voluntary group: which is for all age groups.  That group is still thriving and they regularly invite excellent guest speakers covering diabetes subjects;

To go to the Diabetes UK web site, click here:

We have a Facebook group page  - which is a private page exclusively for our members.  Once you have registered with us via our email , you will able to join the facebook group.  Our email address is on the contacts page.  Once signed up, you can find the facebook group by searching for ‘MK Kids with Diabetes’. Once accepted you can join in the chat, share photos and network.

Another good web site to check out is the American site,  They also have a brilliant UK forum that anyone can join; email and facebook.

In fact there are a number of really good facebook groups for type 1 diabetes  - quite a few just focus on the particular pump or sensor you may be using  - so can give you lots of really helpful tips

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, JDRF:  This is a charity set up to fund research into prevention, control and cure of type 1 diabetes for children and young people.  Consider becoming a friend of JDRF. This involves giving them a monthly contribution that will go towards finding a cure.  Also, if you sell stuff on eBay, you can select JDRF to contribute a percentage of the final value of the item you are selling. campaign group lobbies for better access to insulin pumps

Useful US Suppliers: - for cool gel bands with Type 1 Diabetes written on them. - for skins for your blood monitor, medic alert jewellery and pump accessories. - Child-friendly custom made pump cases and medic-alert bracelets.